The 16th annual tax sale seminar hosted by the Law Firm Of William R. Richards, P.C.
was a huge success and we would like to thank all of our staff and attendees for making it possible.

If you were unable to join us this year, we hope to see you in 2015.

Are You Looking For Answers to Your Tax Sale Questions?

  1. What has been the result of recent changes to the tax sale statutes?
  2. Antitrust Issues & Securities Fraud Issues.
  3. How do I prepare for the Tax Sale and what risks are involved with purchasing at a tax sale?
  4. What should I do once I have purchased a Tax Sale Certificate?
  5. What is Title Insurance, and do I need it to Quiet Title?
  6. and much more...

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The 16th Tax Sale Seminar materials are still available in book or USB format.

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Indiana Tax Sale Seminar
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Phone:  317.859.5666
Fax:  317.859.5660

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Please send me the seminar materials in USB Drive format. I have enclosed
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Our Services

Legal Matters:

  • Antitrust Law
  • Title Insurance
  • Notification
  • Quiet Titles (essential if you wish to mortgage or sell a tax sale property)
  • Voiding Tax Titles
  • Defending Tax Titles
  • All other questions regarding the tax sale in Indiana

Purchase and Sale of Tax Lien Certificates

Up to Date Information on Tax Sale Properties and Tax Sales

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