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Last year's annual tax sale seminar was a huge success and we would like to thank
all of our speakers, staff and attendees for making it possible.

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For questions, please contact Billy Richards at billy_richards@att.net or by phone at 317.697.1360.

Are You Looking For Answers to Your Tax Sale Questions?

  1. What has been the result of recent changes to the tax sale statutes?
  2. Antitrust Issues & Securities Fraud Issues.
  3. How do I prepare for the Tax Sale and what risks are involved with purchasing at a tax sale?
  4. What should I do once I have purchased a Tax Sale Certificate?
  5. What is Title Insurance, and do I need it to Quiet Title?
  6. and much more...

About The Seminar

It is expected that we will continue to see an increase in the amount of parcels offered at tax sale. This increase appears to be the trend throughout the 92 counties in Indiana and can naturally be expected to result in a significant increase in the amount of legal and business issues involving tax sales.

This seminar is designed to assist attorneys, title insurance agents, real estate brokers, and others in protecting against tax sale pitfalls. This seminar will focus on the tax sale as it has been impacted by recent changes to the tax sale statutes, case law and world events. The seminar will provide valuable information to assist you to avoid running afoul of the changes as you proceed through the tax sale process. We will discuss each step of the tax sale including: preparing for and attending the tax sale, obtaining the tax sale certificate, providing notice, receiving a valid tax deed, quieting title to the purchased property, and obtaining title insurance.

This course is taught by faculty who has dealt extensively with the Indiana Tax Sale and who have both practical and legal experience in dealing with issues that arise in this area. This course is developed against a background of applicable law using real-life examples to demonstrate issues that should be addressed when involved in the Indiana Tax Sale.


Tuition for the course is $349.00. This tuition entitles registrants to seminar admission and a specially prepared manual in either paper/book-style or USB/flash drive format containing all study materials for the course. To register, simply click here and return the Course Registration Form along with your check made payable to:  Indiana Tax Sale Seminar.  Registration will be available at the door only if seats are available.

We would like to thank our 2014 speakers:

  1. William R Richards - is a private practice attorney in Indianapolis. He graduated from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis and is admitted to both the Indiana and Florida bars. Mr. Richards has worked in real estate law for more than 50 years and has participated in tax sales for most of those years. He will discuss the history of the Indiana Tax Sale.

  2. Marc L. Griffin – is a private practice attorney in Indianapolis as well as an Indiana real estate broker. He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. He has been active in Indiana tax sales for more than 35 years and has drafted legislation that reformed the State’s tax sale process. Mr. Griffin frequently consults with county officials regarding tax sale law. He will discuss recent changes to the Indiana tax sale statutes.

  3. Brian Hicks – is a private practice attorney in Indianapolis. He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. Mr. Hicks has been active in tax sale litigation for more than 15 years and has represented appellants in numerous published tax sale opinions. Mr. Hicks will discuss new tax sale case law.

  4. Scott Richards – has participated in the Indiana Tax Sale for more than 23 years and is a graduate of the Thomas Cooley School of Law. He practices law with William R. Richards, P.C. Mr. Richards will discuss tax sale surplus, recovering overbids, hidden costs of the tax sale, and ways to avoid acquiring “lemons” and Anti Trust Law and Issues.

  5. William (Billy) Richards Jr. – is a seasoned Tax Sale investor with 25+ years of Tax Sale experience. Billy has a real estate license and has been a licensed Title Abstractor since 1985. Billy will speak on Common Problems Tax Sale Investors Encounter and Practical Solutions to these problems.

  6. Cynthia K. Land – is Administrative Deputy for the Marion County Treasurer’s Office. She will discuss the tax sale as it pertains to the Treasurer’s Office.

  7. Mark A. Jones – is a Commissioner for the Circuit Court of Marion County. He will discuss a local judge’s view of the Indiana Tax Sale.

  8. Beau Dunfee – is an attorney with Meridian Title Corporation.

  9. William J. Tucker – is an attorney in Indianapolis with the law firm of Tucker Hester Baker and Krebs LLC. He has practiced law for more than 32 years and specializes in the fields of real estate and bankruptcy. He will discuss bankruptcy and the Tax Sale.

  10. Andrew Seiwert  – is an attorney with Feiwell & Hannoy, P.C. He practices in the areas of creditor’s rights and real estate, including litigation involving title insurance and tax sales. He received his B.A. from Purdue University and J.D. from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis.

  11. Greg Ullrich  – is an attorney for Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County. His practice areas include code enforcement, legislative issues and real estate.

  12. Honorable James M. Carr - Federal Bankruptcy Judge For Southern District Of Indiana.

  13. Katherine Starks - attorney in our law firm with 15 years of extensive Tax Sale litigation and bankruptcy experience.

  14. Brian E. Dickerson - attorney with Roetzel & Andress with experience handling Anti-Trust matters related to Tax Sales.

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